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Instructions / Construction Details:

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PRINTING Guide/Tips:


  • 300 dpi - designed to print on 'letter' size sheet (8.5 x 11"). Print at 100%
  • Colors (Colours) MAY vary according to monitor/printer settings - always do a test print (use 'economy' setting).
  • Print at 100% for best results. May be printed at smaller sizes. Alter the percentage for BOTH sheets to the same.
  • Printing at larger sizes is not recommended.
  • Recommend using 110 lb weight cardstock paper - available from office supply stores in bulk quantities.
  • Even when printing in large quantities, it's better to do these in multiple short runs.
  • Print collated to keep print colors even for both sides of your box.
Top of Box"TOP" of box.

C, D.
  Bottom of Box"BOTTOM" of box.

A, B.



  •  Carefully cut out boxes from sheets. Use sharp scissors. Use as much care as possible.
  • Add glue to the "C" tab/flap on the "TOP" sheet. This is applied to the side with the white area where the "C" is printed.
  • Use a glue that doesn't have much moisture and with great grip/fast drying properties.
  • "Wet" glue may warp the paper. I use "YES" glue or acrylic gel medium.
  • IMPORTANT: - make sure that this is lined up so that the 'body' of the box is aligned level.
  • IMPORTANT: - the white area of the tab should be concealed beneath the "Bottom" of your box sheet. Do not put any of the printed graphic side underneath the sheet you are adhering to.
  • FAILURE could result if these last 2 tips are not followed.
  • Use a guide to ensure that the box body aligns up from TOP sheet through BOTTOM sheet.
    • A guide can be a 3.5" wide strip of solid color paper - shown in diagram in RED. Line up the 3.5" box 'body' so it is within this line.
    • OR ... use a long ruler. Align so that the box body is lined up for both sheets of paper.

    Combining TOP & BOTTOM sheets

    SHAPING Guide/Tips:


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