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Inspirational Papercraft Projects - Slideshow Details

These are details of the projects shown on the slideshow (see sub-tab "PROJECTS: Slideshow" under main navigational tab "Inspirational Papercraft Projects"). You're welcome to use these as inspiration and adapt these ideas to fit your project. However, please don't copy our exact work. Copyrights of the creator/artist apply. Thank you. Enjoy!

Details from Slideshow Images


#001.Three very simple ideas, using some OOAK printed shapes (ephemera) from my grab bags offered
on Etsy - "Dreamy Papers" store.

a: A tag shape with birds in nest silhouette - adhered with a decorative brad on a journal page to complete the story. Variations: Attach with glue, or washi tape. Edges:  color or distress. Add lettering or other embellishments. Maybe slip the tag inside a clear little pocket made especially for it?

b: A teacup image shape attached to an old bottle using glue or gel medium. Variations: Add further embellishments, lettering, color, etc. Decorate the bottle with wire or string/yarn wraps, adding tags, found objects and other embellishments.

c: A little mouse + teacup tag shape, attached with a brad to a decorated tag. Variations: Black & white images allow you to use your own colors or distress finish.
art journal, tag and altered bottle ideas from ephemera shapes
Inspirational projects art journal heart shapes tag altered bottle collage ephemera OOAK 

#002. A variation on above, this time using some HEART shapes -  OOAK printed (ephemera) from my grab bags
offered on Etsy - "Dreamy Papers" store.

a: A tag shape heart shape, heart shaped embellishments and stamped "Love", embossed.

b: An art journal with heart shape used on the cover - see more details immediately below.

c: A heart shape on an 'altered bottle', enhanced with
another, smaller heart. Wrap the bottle with
baker's twine in pink or green, or use wire wrap,
and add heart charms or tags.

#003. Heart shape from an old book (1899),
printed with an image of a beautiful woman combined
with old French handwriting, collaged onto an
art journal cover that has brown paper with
French handwriting.

 The binding has tea-stained pages from the same
book used on the cover
with the edge featuring
a lace cut edge.

The back of this journal is similar.

Heart shape grab bags are sometimes
offered in my Etsy store. You can request one,
if you can't see one listed.

#004-006. ATC/ACEOs art cards (2.5x3.5").

Collages made up of an illustrated book from the late
1800s, as a base on card.

Then shapes are added. Most done with a shaped
paper punch. Both positive and negative images
are used, and shapes within shapes.

Victorian ephemera images have been reprinted
then elements have been cut out, and
decoupaged/collaged onto the cards, along with
an alphabet letter that has been printed on
transparency acetate.

#007. Project by The Funkie Junkie - Linda Coughlin

See details on making this and more
images of this project
on her wonderful blog:

The Funkie Junkie - blog

Dreamy Papers printable images
of Victorian illustrations of bathing belles
were used.
Purchased from the Dreamy Papers Etsy online store.


More coming soon ....